What is this comic about?

It’s about one man and a glorious dream. A dream of wonder, a dream of

No, it’s just about me, wanting some structure, wanting to improve my drawing skills, and wanting to make funny scribbles say dumb things. It also fights depression.

How many times does it update?

Once a week on weekends, with the occasional comic thrown in on other days when I feel like it.

Why is it called “I’m Not Depressed?”

In making these comics it’s a reminder that I’m currently doing really well in me combatting depression. I made a comic about my depression.

What do you make this with?

I use an iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil. I use the Comic Draw and Procreate apps. I used to do a lot of typed-in lettering, but have found it more freeing to draw stuff in by hand. Also it helps my penmanship.

The website runs off of WordPress, mostly a modified version of ComicEasel with a bunch of other code jammed in there like a cake in a mail slot.

Where are you?

Chicago, usually sitting in my apartment.