What is this comic about?

It’s about…well, whatever I feel like making. Don’t have any recurring characters or storyline at the moment.

How many times does it update?

Twice a week, Mondays and Fridays.

Why is it called “I’m Not Depressed?”

It’s because that making a webcomic on a regular basis requires energy and enthusiasm that depression just erases. In making these comics it’s a reminder that I’m currently doing really well in me combatting depression. Also, the title does make you want to read it, doesn’t it?

Are you sure? The comic is pretty dark and the title sounds like a statement of denial…

I am pretty dark, so that comes out in the work. Also, if you don’t know what depression is like it’s pretty much like being strapped to a chair while suffering from an intolerable nothingness. It’s certainly not “spend hours writing and drawing comics.”

What do you make this with?

I will occasionally draw on paper with blue pencil, then ink using a variety of micron pens and then scan those in to my computer. Mostly though, I use an iPad 6 with an Apple Pencil. I use the Comic Draw and Procreate apps, usually writing and laying it out in Comic Draw and drawing or enhancing the artwork in Procreate. I typically finish it up using Photoshop. 

The website runs off of WordPress, mostly a modified version of ComicEasel with a bunch of other code jammed in there like a cake in a mail slot.

Where are you?

Typically in my apartment or office/coffee shop in Chicago, Illinois.

Do you have a way for us to throw money at you?

Nobody is seriously asking that question right now. When they do, I will certainly add ways to throw money at me.